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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Prasad, originally uploaded by deshan10.

The Lying Lizard in The Travelling Circus, Prasad Pereira is an actor (theatre) and an assistant director (cinema). His most recent movie gig was AD’ing on the excellent Machang.

The Original Food, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Wall painting at Venice Beach, California.

These Boots are Made for…WTF?!, originally uploaded by deshan10.

The Fox in the Hat

Originally uploaded by deshan10

Note the white rotary dial, top right. Humans sent other humans to the moon with rotary dial technology. This is in the room from which they launched most of the Apollo missions. Being at NASA you suddenly want to start talking only in acronyms.

Above is the Operations Support Plan Electrical, Environmental, and Communications Engineer’s console (OSP EECOM), Mission Control Room, JSC.

Kumkum Makes Stuff

Originally uploaded by deshan10

Detail from one of the huge installation pieces Kumkum created for the Reggie Candappa Awards this year.