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Monthly Archives: March 2010

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Unsuitable For All Ages, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Sadly, after a year-long haitus that infernal Colombo Pub Quiz is back to ruin Wednesday nights. Navin Ratnayake and Jehan Mendis, instead of being incarcerated for infirmity of the brain have been allowed to host their hugely popular quiz again, this time at Barefoot. Poor Colombo

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Starfish are not only incredibly beautiful t look at, they’re also marvelously disgusting little sods.

That star-shaped bit in the middle that looks like it’s made of teeth is the mouth. The starfish wraps itself around a shellfish and uses the suction generated by its tube feet (the pink bits along the arms) to prise the shellfish open a fraction.

Then its mouth opens and it bungees down its stomach into the shellfish, whereupon the stomach disgorges digestive fluids and the starfish sucks up the resulting shellfish soup.

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Starfish extrude these from the underside of each arm. They use these to walk and to pull open shellfish.

Starfish detail, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Detail of a starfish on Palliyawatte beach. The strange red marking is its madreporite, the sieve-like structure through which the starfish filters water into its system.

Navam Perahera, originally uploaded by deshan10.

A Buddhist procession, the perehera is a spectacle of fire and wonder. Here in Colombo, tamed by city lights it still manages to retain some measure of the fantastical.