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Monthly Archives: October 2010

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

A colony of red weaver ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) took over one of our lime trees earlier this year. The tree is still healthy-ish, though it does droop under the weight of the colony.
As of late, they seem to have decided more spacious digs are needed and have taken over a neighbouring flowering tree (ID needed).
The ants are large, about 1cm in length for the major workers and about half that for the minor workers. The major workers have excellent visual acuity. They stand up on two pairs of legs and examine any approaching human with what feels like belligerence.

Pigeon Island, Trincomalee, originally uploaded by deshan10.

B.M.I.C.H Refurbishment, originally uploaded by deshan10.

The Chinese government are funding a 1 billion Rupee refurb of the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall. It’s weird to see her clad in scaffolding.

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Mika finally doing some work, drawing moustaches at Act Before You Think.

Goofing off during Moustache Week at round three of Act Before You Think. The final of Act Before You Think is on the 5th of November. Hopefully they’ll think of something equally daft we can dress up in.

Ruvin De Silva, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Ruvin photographing moustache week at Act Before You Think. His blog is here:

Hanya, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Went to see Hanya sing at the RnB web launch. I don’t think it’s right that she looks *and* sounds like an angel. That’s not justice.

She was accompanied on guitar by Sarani Perera of Triloka (a superb band you should catch if you can). They play an acoustic set on Fridays. More info here:

Rhythm & Blues, Colombo, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Rhythm & Blues launched this – www. – so we all had a drink. And then the dancing happened. And then the wobbly-footedness. RnB is at 19/1 Daisy Villa Avenue, Duplication Rd, Col 4 and you can reach them at +94 773 088 600

The Tropics, Reflected, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Working on a new set of pictures. Here’s the first.

No, LAST Week Was Headgear Week, originally uploaded by deshan10.

This week is Moustache Week. I think the syphilitic thespian goblins at Mind Adventures should award a prize for the best item each week.

Moustache inspiration:
See you on Thursday. More info here:

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

San Francisco from the Hyatt

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Installation piece by the NYT/KRT Arts Villain Foundation.


Act Before You Think, Round Two, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Osama’s Bush won tonight. Much to the bewilderment of right-thinking people everywhere, of course.

A special-ops team recruited from the spongy recesses of the venerable Bush won round two of Act Before You Think, Mind Adventures Theatre Company’s theatresports championship.

Round three is next Thursday at 8pm, at the Warehouse Project. You should come. More info at their blaaaaahg:

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

The Bear’s Lair at UC Berkeley has welcomed alcohol-deficient students since 1962.

Americans don’t serve people under 21 alcohol for some reason so there’s not much call for student bars at their universities. As a result the people you meet at the few universities that *do* have bars, aren’t drink-’till-you-vomit first year students.

I heard, quite literally, from a geezer down the pub, that the US has about 4,500 centres of higher education and that maybe ten of them have student bars.

Which seemed like reason enough to photograph the space, leave alone the singularly exceptional service and quirky, intelligent people you meet…

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Tipsy, originally uploaded by deshan10.

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Ficus Eats Pinus, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Ok, not really. If you’re Buddhist, your holy tree is the fig (Ficus religiosa), which, sometimes, likes to live on walls or on other trees. Bo trees are epiphytes, which means they use other structures for support, but not so much for nutrition. They send down (over decades) long roots and may end up being free-standing trees when they’ve overpowered the support tree. Or wall.

Dambulla, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Act Before You Think, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Mind Adventures Theatre Co trying out a new theatresports game.

The first of four competitions is tonight, at The Warehouse Project, Maradana (opposite the lovely Elphinstone theatre). As per usual, these goons have underpriced their tickets. Take your bawdiest and pithiest friends and go — shouted suggestions from the audience welcomed.

If you’ve signed up a team – please try and thrash the scoundrels from Osama’s Bush. If you’re going to watch, please try and thrash the scoundrels from Osama’s Bush.

More info: