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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Tally/Tehani Chitty, originally uploaded by deshan10.

A series of character/actor pictures from Mind Adventures’ new play, Rondo
Regular updates of the cast and crew here:

Tickets are now on sale at Park Street Mews and the Punchi Theatre.

No more of this natural light and decisive moment stuff for three days; signed up and was accepted for fashion photography workshop at the British Council taught by Sandun de Silva (
These are the three pictures I submitted as part of the application process. Hoping to come to grips with a whole new bunch of tools and heckle the fashionistas.

Top to bottom: Harshi de Silva, ASH Smyth and Arun Welandawe–Prematilleke; three people without whose gracious patience, I wouldn’t have made it

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

A scene from Rondo where the characters played by Benjamin Aluwihare and Kimaya de Silva meet for the first time.

Garden, Colombo, originally uploaded by deshan10.

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

The final cast member of Rondo joins Mind Adventures at the Punchi Theatre for rehearsals. HIs suit is currently being tailored.

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

In Devised theatre the entire play is crafted through a series of experiments and guided workshops. Writing down key points in plot and character development help the actors keep track of the play, as it can change and grow in rapid leaps.

ASH Smyth, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Writer, teacher, poet, troublemaker.

Boursin – the lost advert

I love you.
I do.
when I make our sandwiches I still put slightly more cheese in mine.

More poetry, reviews and such, here:

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

The Sinister Toys set made it onto Not On The Wires, a new-journalism website. Their work is interesting, cutting edge news material. Have a look at the set before they realise their error and ban me from visiting again:

[Un]making Time, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Tracy Holsinger of Mind Adventures; Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu and Sunethra Bandaranaike, two of the trustees from the Sunethra Bandaranaike Trust; and Jake Oorloff of Floating Space.

The trust commissioned two new plays which go on the boards in early April. More information in the posts below.

The trustees are hoping to commission a play a year and are currently looking for dramatists and playwrights working in Sinhala and Tamil theatre. Do you know anyone you can recommend?


Subha Wijesiriwardena demonstrates a dance sequence to Tehani Chitty. The new Mind Adventures play is titled Rondo.

They explain why it is called that, here. The other play in [Un]Making Time is by Floating spaces theatre company. It’s called My Other History. More info on that one soon.

A hive in our garden. Sri Lanka has about 148 species of bee; I have no idea which one this is. There’s a pretty comprehensive bee-identification document by W. A. Inoka P. Karunaratne and Jayanthi P. Edirisinghe in this edition of the Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka: Does anyone know by sight which species this is, or do I really have to go invent a time machine so I can find the time to read that dense, 21 page monster?

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Pictures from the latest rehearsal from Mind Adventures’ new production. The full set’s here.

Pictures from a recent commission by the World Bank. Full set here:

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Koneswaram kovil, Trincomalee

Itchy bitch, originally uploaded by deshan10.