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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Namal Uyana, Dambulla, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Meanwhile in Ambawela, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Wind project, Ambawela Farm , Nuwera eliya, Sri Lanka.

Untitled, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Gored by a bear in the troupe when he was a teenager, Mr. Ariyadasa of Circus Nilvala laments the inability of securing leopards and sloth bear for the circus today. Awareness of animal rights in the country means they can no longer raise, train and show exotic animals.

Untitled, originally uploaded by deshan10.

A new production by the gifted and inventive Mind Adventures Theatre Company is in the works. Of course you should be worried.

Click the picture to get closer to seeing the full set. In this picture: Cast member Sulochana Dissanayake (at right) talks to Tracy Holsinger about designing the shadow puppets in the show. Dissanayake, head of her own theatre company Power of Play, joins Mind Adventures for the upcoming devised show.