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Monthly Archives: April 2010

, originally uploaded by deshan10.

The Lagoon, the Islands and the Sea
by Deshan Tennekoon and Devaka Seneviratne

A presentation of photographs from a vanishing world. The lives centered on the lagoon and the many marine species of the area are special to the Kalpitiya peninsula. The advent of the Kalpitiya development plan, the impending construction of countless hotels, an airstrip and underwater parks will change irrevocably, these unique natural spaces. This is an attempt to document the rare beauty of an environment and a way of life, while they still exist.

Date: 30th April. Time: 6–7p.m. Venue: United States-Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission Auditorium. 22 Flower Terrace, Col 7. Entry: By prior registration – seating on a first-come first-served basis.
Call: 471- 8744 to register

Do come if you can. More info here:

Storage space, Haputale, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Drying clothes, Haputale, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Accommodation for tea estate workers. Notice the takarang (tin sheet) roof. It heats up in the sunshine and provides the ideal place to dry your clothes. Of course, Haputale doesn’t get a whole lot of sunshine…

Pottuvil, Sri Lanka, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Fibreglass fishing boats at Pottuvil point. Wooden fishing boats are all but gone from Sri Lanka’s coasts.

These fibreglass beasts feel like toys – a single moulded lump shat out by a machine somewhere. They must surely be easier for fishermen to look after though – barnacles don’t like synthetics.

White Bougainvillea, Pottuvil, originally uploaded by deshan10.

According to Wikipedia, these vines were originally a South American plant the French brought to Europe. (Life being what it is, the plant was named not after the naturalist who discovered it – Commerçon – but the man on whose ship he sailed.) Once the chaps at Kew Gardens got their hands on it, Bougainvillea spread to most of the British colonies.

Is this a Crape Myrtle?, originally uploaded by deshan10.

Scores of these trees were in bloom (April) in Haputale and Ella. The majority are planted alongside roads, which suggests it may have been a British scheme (they did love their streets tree-lined and bursting with colour in ‘spring’).

Many thanks to Yakayaka for identifying these fine specimens of Jacaranda mimosifolia.

Macaques, Haputale, originally uploaded by deshan10.

According to Wikipedia, aside from humans, Macaques have the widest geographic spread of any primate genus. Which is to say the buggers are everywhere, with their genitals out, watching.

Bullock cart, Pottuvil, originally uploaded by deshan10.

This particular mode of transport – bullock carts with the giant wooden wheels have all but disappeared from large towns. Given today’s transport options these impractical, beautiful contraptions have their days numbered. The road surfaces must play hell on the bulls’ hooves though, so maybe it’s a good thing.

Asvajit Boyle launched The Hard Boiled EP recently at a dusk-to-dawn party on the beach. Despite how short the party was, it was examined closely and found to be Good. He has some of the tracks (minimal and progressive house) here:

Asvajit Boyle Is A Musician, originally uploaded by deshan10.

When he’s not composing minimal and progressive house tracks, Asvajit Boyle methodically plots the downfall of civilisation. He’s releasing The Hard Boiled EP on the 9th of April, performing some of the tracks live at the launch party and generally making a public nuisance of himself on the beach.

Free tunes here:
Gig tickets:

Kids Like Pee, originally uploaded by deshan10.

And here’s your Wednesday morning WTF. Illustration from back cover of children’s school book, Akuru Mihira.

Moontribe, originally uploaded by deshan10.

So the Moontribe coverage is online at

Sojournposse have updated their site and have some excellent stories this month. Run! Look!